If you are a newbie, you might feel confused about a lot of things. Yes, a shearing machine is what you definitely need, but you need many other things at your disposal. Sheep shearing is, after all, a crucial part of animal husbandry. You need to make sure the health and well-being of your animals, and a perfect trim can bring you that. Unfortunately, the road to a perfect trim is not easy. You need to buy shearing accessories that meet what the task requires. 

Most shearers are familiar with the shearing machine. Electric shearing machines are faster and more efficient; on the other hand, manual shears offer more control. However, shear is not the only thing you need for a successful shearing day. Inside this blog post, we will highlight the best shearing accessories. Read below! 

Shearing Handpieces 

To master the art of shearing, you need different handpieces. You will find handpieces varying in shapes and sizes. Because of the shapes and sizes, you can run the handpiece through different body parts such as the head, neck and legs. So, put extra focus on the handpiece if you are looking for fine-tuned shearing. 

Blades and Combs 

You cannot do anything with the handpiece if it does not have blades and combs. Make sure the blades are sharp and suitable for the sheep breed. Furthermore, combs separate the wool or fleece and make the process easier. They make sure the process runs smoothly without causing injuries to the sheep. It's always safe to keep the spare blades and combs in case of any unexpected mishaps. 

Tally Counters 

Tally counters often go unnoticed yet they are invaluable to shearing. Use the counters to keep track of your progress. They help monitor the number of animals you have sheared, making sure you miss none or shear twice. This plays a huge role in maintaining consistency while shearing. 

First Aid Kit 

Accidents can happen during shearing, and it's the need of the hour to be prepared. A well-stocked first aid kit should be within easy reach, containing items such as disinfectant, bandages, scissors and gloves. Prompt attention to minor injuries can prevent more significant problems down the line.

Oil and Lubrication 

Proper lubrication is important to keep your shearing machine in excellent condition. Regularly oiling your machine prevents overheating and reduces friction, extending its lifespan. Investing in high-quality machine oil specifically designed for shearing equipment is a smart choice.

In the end, you will find endless shearing accessories online, and some items can improve the overall experience. The right choice of shearing equipment can make your job easier and improve the well-being of your sheep. If you want to find out the best tools the easiest way, you should check out Shearquantity. Please visit the website for more information!